The Art of Noticing : Experience your neighbourhood in new ways

Our busy, constantly-connected lives mean that it’s easy to fall into a routine. But what if there was a way to take our taste buds for a trip, even if it’s just in our own home town ? Or explore the food scene of a new urban jungle, while juggling the demands of city living […]

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When dining out can be a catalyst for change

The latest restaurant trend isn’t about the latest food gimmick or hero ingredient; it’s about helping others just by going out for lunch or dinner. The American phrase ‘pay it forward’ means acting with generosity and compassion to do a good deed for someone else. What if you could ‘pay it forward’ when you’re paying […]

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Why people talk about some events and not others

The way a group gets together determines what happens in it and how successful, meaningful and memorable the event is. The best events create a temporary alternative world, enable good controversy and end correctly. Why is it always me ? Organising an event that is anything other than lunch for two requires significant effort, and […]

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How to stop feeling overwhelmed by all the stuff you own

We’ve reached peak stuff, at least in the west. People now care less about what car you drive or the house you live in than about the people you have met and the experiences that you have had. The key question now is, what then are the best experiences that we should be having ? […]

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